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CGS VACUUM offers machines and services for metallization using PVD technology: Vacuum metallizers for aluminium coating and vertical metallizers equipped with twin door-chambers.


Our services and application

Our company provides technical support services of metallization systems, with planned maintenance services, interventions in h24 * for plant shutdown in the national territory. Worldwide service in all country and representative in the major country.

Wide range of spare parts for the systems, equipment repair services, research leaks with helium and many other advisory services and modernization of facilities. Our strength is also to study together with the customer solutions aimed always to satisfy the customer.

Our Application for metallization Systems

Replacement operator interface in obsolescence of existing machines. To date we cover all configurations of existing Galileo machines on the World market with two types of systems oversight:
  • System Single machine, able to manage the system and also generate a report data for local consultation.
  • Scada data collector system, designed for companies with multiple machines, networked, the interface communicates with a SCADA application that collects production data to archive data and generate reports operating statistic and calculate OEE remotely. Replacing control evaporation with new generation capacity control in the phase controller with adjustable monitoring V2 or VxI. The control is replaced in the existing obsolete, with a rapid change in the existing PLC program.
DC engines being replaced with new three-phase asynchronous motors controlled by inverters allowing interchangeability with trading engines by replacing the custom control board with inverter V / F.

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General conditions of sales


In 2016 in the face of a growing demand from our customers for new installations we have created two new lines of machines: Extreem L/S and Blu Met L/S.

Blue Met L: main characteristics

Size of the Chamber:

  • Inside Diameter: 1680mm
  • Height: 1850mm

Main characteristics:

  • Traditional evaporation of Al, Ni
  • Ionic discharge DC, MF mono, double

Pumping system:

  • One rotary pump
  • One Roots pump
  • Speed control due inverter control on board
  • Two diffusion pump
  • Automatic control of high efficiency pumping unit


Completely Framed Equipment

Computerized process control and quality report

On-line remote

Limited polymer consumption

Vacuum Process

Phase of the cycle

  • 1 Roughing Vacuum
  • 2 Plasma treatment
  • 3 High vacuum
  • 4 Evaporation
  • 5 Polymerisation
  • 6 Venting


  • Idle times are avoided
  • Pieces are charget during the processing of the twin door-chambers
  • Cycle has short pump down time


Metallizzatori cornici
a flusso teso

Power supplies


The deep roots of the CGS VACUUM can be traced in the extraordinary scientific and historical panorama that pervaded the Florentine Area. Impossible not to think of Galileo, as well as Torricelli.

Later, in the second half of 19th century, two astronomers had the assignement to build up an astronomical observatory in Florence. They founded, as support laboratory, the first “workshop Galileo” that was developed subsequently as a company operating in optical and vacuum technologies. This company became in the Florentine Area the seeding of many others innovative activities. CGS VACUUM fits into this tradition and offers its machines and services for metallization using PVD technology.

Our history

Our company started as supplements to the industry of automatic machines in general. Since 1975, year of establishment of the CGS, we have always worked on the design and programming of automatic machines for OEM. Over the years we have gained experience and new knowledge in many fields of industry. Every year we have always set goals aimed at business and professional growth, looking to consolidate our customer base.

In 1995, we acquired new business partners in introducing us marked the pharmaceutical machines, we have consolidated over the years leading our company to grow in size with a view to medium- and long-term investments.

In 2012 with the arrival of new staff from the company Galileo Vacuum Systems, you were presented new growth prospects for our society, in the world of machines for the vacuum coating. Thanks to our know-how, we started to collaborate with leading lights production groups in the automotive sector.

In 2015 came the first orders for the renovation of the Italian customers to plant systems.

In 2016 we have consolidated the Italian market and we have had some positive feedback from the rest of the world markets. 2016 also marks the year of birth of our production lines for our storage facilities under vacuum.

Our mission for 2017

Strengthen our presence on the world market: we already have contracts with the US and India, and we have ongoing discussions with Japan, Thailand, China, Austria, Germany, Egypt, Taiwan. And obviously sale of our first production machine!

The next 5 years

  • New production site.
  • Reach 10 plants / year.
  • Cover all markets, with agencies in strategic countries.
  • Investment in new technologies.
  • Growth and formation of new technical.

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